Getting Grilled

Getting grilled? Here’s what to do to avoid it next time!

Have you ever found yourself in an awkward situation at a meeting and while trying to get your ideas and arguments through but the Boss/ the High person in command fires back every time and you are lost for words!

Can you handle the pressure?

You have of course prepared for the job interview, went through all your points, researched the market, found out everything about the hiring company but then a gesture from the interviewer, a word or comment makes you rethink and lose track and then the fires continue and you are basically grilled.
Many of the article writers on this matter advise you to be comfortable, know your enemy, be honest, get plenty of rest and water before and be ready to fire back with questions that you prepared before the interview.

Everybody is watching!

Yes, a very uncomfortable situation and all your employees or fellow workers are watching.

What do communication coaches advise?

1.    Prepare your speech in advance

You can predict the questions that might be asked during a meeting and prepare a list with possible answers to the. The important thing is to find the key word in the question you are asked and determine which area of answers you already prepared belongs to. Make sure your answer makes total sense.

2.    Know your audience and adapt to it

If the question is asked by an accountant, an employee, a auditing specialist or reporter, always adapt your speech so that the audience understands you.
The context and reason for giving information could be totally different. We have seen that if the interviewed person is not prepared then reporters will do anything and become aggressive while getting the answer they want and expect. It is a matter of giving key words and having control. However, when you find yourself at a meeting with your employees than you must not view them as a group of inquisition but rather as part of your team. They all want to be acknowledged as part of your team and especially during a crisis.

3.    Be Honest!

People sense it and will use it against you. Do not use flamboyant words and phrases thus making the audience feel it is all a joke. Admit the fact that you do not hold the right answer for the time being but will make sure to ask the right person and get back with a proper result. In this way you are actually sending the message that the question is important and you want to give the best answer you can.

4.    Postpone a bit the answer!

Give yourself time to think about the answer and then deliver. Shifting from one question to another will only create lack of clarity and grammar mistakes. You can always repeat the question thus giving yourself time to think about the answer. Pausing is a good method of arranging your words.

5.    Keep your calm and be respectful

When the discussion becomes heated not all the participants can control themselves. As an employer and leader you become a role model and people expect from you to control the meeting calmly and respectfully.
Good luck and do not forget that you control the answers!

For more tips and examples please contact NEW ENGLISH CENTER. We will guide you through all the steps!

By Iulia Jianu

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